Five Year Anniversary Vigil to be Held

May 3, 2018 will mark the 5 year anniversary of Amber Berbiglia’s murder. There will be a candlelight vigil on Old Sanders Road, (under the Robert Edge Parkway), North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at 6:00 p.m.. We invite all of our friends and supporters to join us as we honor Amber’s life and pray for justice to be served. Her death has been devastating to Michelle (Amber’s mother) so please come support her as well.

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  1. I saw Amber’s story on Crime watch Daily today… Your family is in my prayers. I will be there with you in spirit on May 3. I am also a victim of losing a sister to murder. My 13 year old little sister was missing after school April 22, 1986. Her body was found nude face down in a river the next day. Her killer was a 15 year old classmate. We have been able to keep him locked up in prison every time he comes up for parole…. I try to help other families with missing or murdered family members as much as I can….. Your family is in my prayers… I will post a link to Amber’s website on my Facebook page here in Ohio as well as on my sister’s tribute page. I’m sure our friends will share the website too. My wife and I were just in Myrtle Beach in February and seeing this on TV today made me want to reach out and offer any help that I can. You can reach me at God Bless you all. Rick

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