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  1. Please help us find justice for my daughter,Amber Berbiglia , Amber was murdered in broad daylight on May 3rd 2013 ,she was a Beautiful vibrant 23yr old that would light up every room she walked into ,Amber needs a voice to all her friends and family,we need justice,we need closure ! please go to the website ( GoFundMe) Justice for Amber Berbiglia,please donate some money,to help me to hire a private investigator,also to increase the reward money,someone KNOWS SOMETHING !! this is a secure website ,Please help me find out who took my Beautiful shine’s life on May 3rd 2013 . IN HONOR OF AMBER LOVING MOTHER ,Michelle Robinson

  2. My prayers go out to your family. I wanted to tell you I’d never heard about this till I just watched Crime Watch Daily. So know the word is getting out and don’t lose hope on getting Amber some justice. I’m actually in Lexington, North Carolina and very familiar with Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. That was a regular vacation place for my family and I . My heart was with your family while watching CWD for you could see your pain. I’ll pray for you and pray Amber will get justic soon. My love and prayers !

  3. So sorry to hear about your sweet Amber, please continue to be Amber’s voice, someone knows something!!! Please give this family closure. Thank you Crime Watch Daily for airing this. Continued prayers for your family.

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